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March 2, 2011

Posted by MindBrainBody Project on November 29, 2011 at 9:00 PM

I would like to thank each of our regular listeners and associates for contributing to the growing progress of the MindBrainBody Project. I use the word progress rather than the more conventional words, success or goal attainment; for progress is a path of expanding complexity and understanding open to conscious creatures rather than a predetermined end-state. For if God knew in the beginning exactly how and when our current physical universe would deflate and reinflate through its conjoint black hole singularities and the ultimate nature of consciousness, there would be no freedom and no fun for anyone.

Over the past few years, I have made a conscious effort to remain in the background as the early work of the MBB Project was being established and developed under the auspices of the Institute for Conscious Evolution and Human Development. I chose to do this for a number of reasons, the most important being that the initiates of the Esoteric Schools realize that these< births are not something that are commanded nor controlled by personal desires, but are allowed to develop naturally under the influence of the Esoteric Source. The job of the founding Initiates is to guide its development by applying the proper amount of force at the proper time so to maintain upward growth. A very good explanation can be found in Ouspensky’s book, IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS.

Subsequently, the time has come for me to be more visible in the earthly operation of the MBB Project in order to help the persons we serve, so as to better understand the true nature of our mission and make it easier for you to join with us in finding our way toward establishing a better humanity. The underlying foundational structure of the MBB Project and its associated organizations needs to be clarified and explained. Hopefully, by providing a better understanding of our structural organization and inspirational source, we shall be more efficient in accomplishing our stated goals [see Figure 1].
Let us begin with the mundane and move onto the more esoteric and spiritual. The material organ of outreach for our organization consists of two arms or paths, one secular and one spiritual. The first is the corporate entity, MindBrainBody Ltd, including its website and various educational program. The MBB Project website is the more secular arm of our outreach programs and is designed to provide knowledge and pragmatic suggestions for optimizing all aspects of our day to day lives. It deals with the hard and soft sciences, our psychological composition, our theological concerns, the nature of our daily challenges, how to be healthier, philosophical notions and so many other useful topics. It primarily area of study is to directed outwards into the outer and inner worlds composing our environments.

The second corporate entity, the Holy Monastic Order En Deus, is a physical organization which functions as a monastic order in the tradition of the Eastern Churches and as a retreat for lay-persons desiring to explore their personal relationship with the ‘God of their hearts” or “their conscious connection with the highest ideals held by each”. The HMOED provides a quiet setting for discussing the foundational theologies of both ancient and more modern religious views and the learning and practice of contemplative techniques useful for activating and strengthening the neural networks conducive to being present with “Divinity”.

The executive director for both of these programs is Father +Bryan Ouellette; as CEO for MindBrainBody Ltd and Abbott and spiritual head of the HMOED.

A number of organizations currently support the spiritual and transformational activities of the MBB Project.

The first is the Holy Imperial Rusland Orthodox Church [and its Synod] and the second is the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church, the first representing the Eastern Tradition and the second the Western Tradition. Father +Ouellette is the spiritual head of both Churches, his authority resting upon Apostolic Succession and appointment under the Divine Right of Kings provided through the aristocratic line of Peter Alexis Mikhailovich Romanov dating back to the first Varangian princes of Kiev and Moscow and the oldest Scandinavian dynasty, the Yngling [history as far back as the 5th century].

The mesoteric foundation for both Churches resides within the Institute for Conscious Evolution and Human Development, which is the current physical organ authorized by the Original Church of Man, such Church being composed of Initiates and Cosmically Significant Beings responsible for the gentle guidance of humanity as agents of Omneity.

And what is beyond the Institute is most amazing indeed, one day I shall discuss this matter and tell you about the true history of the ancient mystery schools.

I want to thank each of you for being a member of the MBB Project family. Moreover, encourage you to work with Father +Bryan on the formation of our new geopolitical think tank.

I shall have much more to share with you in the future. To comment, please contact us at [email protected] or call 818-570-0217

The Good Doctor


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